Meet Mr. Ridicolo

Goofy looking guy who will make you smile.

What does this gentleman provide for a good laugh?
-Over 90 effects from different categories so that you can mask anyone as you like.

Ridicolo iPhone iPad

what it's all about?

Avoid dull moments

Now it makes perfect sense to share image of every single boring situation you find yourself into.

What does it do?

Light-mood app that allows you to pick different kinds of stickers for your face and the faces of others.

Beware though, no matter what age you are, this app is very contagious.

Pack FX panel
Random FX button
Random FX 11 categories
Party mode

For group photos you can choose party mode for random effects.

Share & Tell to unlock

Share at least 3 images on Facebook and Twitter and unlock 2 packs.

Send at least 15 SMS messages to friends and unlock 1 pack.